Choral Adjudicator Training Course

Choral Adjudicator Training Course


accet choral conductors adjudicator training course certificate

ACCET has offered this course in 2015 and 2016 at the end of the Choral Conductor Summer School. In all 25 people have attended the course. Some wished to link with the materials, discussion and practical exercises in adjudication of the day.

A few opted to complete the course by doing two further written tasks. The first task was to summarise the day, including thinking through criteria and attitudes in being a choral adjudicator. The second task was to shadow-adjudicate a competition, writing critiques and marking or ranking competitors, writing up this experience, and considering their approaches and marks in comparison to the adjudicator of the day.

Looking for a choral adjudicator?

The following have completed all tasks in the course:

Lorraine Manifold – Melbourne – contact through
Anne Credlin – Melbourne –