Stay tuned for further information about the 2025 Summer School

Monday 20 January to Thursday 23 January 2025

The Music School,
Methodist Ladies’ College
207 Barkers Rd, Kew

Australian Choral Conductors Education and Training (ACCET) welcomes your presence at its 31st Choral Conductors Summer School. Four exciting and involving days of demonstration, participation and learning will fit conductors with new skills and confidence to face the music, and the choir, in 2025.

“This was brilliant – great balance of large group presentations / master class and small more intense, tailored workshops!”

Emphasis on conducting

Development of your conducting skill is the central goal of the 30th ACCET Summer School. This will occur through group tuition, demonstration and master classes. In five group conducting workshops you will improve your skill and confidence in choral conducting. To assist you in nominating your current skill, for the application form, consider the following: 


  • has limited experience rehearsing and conducting a choir 
  • needs basic conducting patterns
  • needs confidence in score preparation 
  • needs confidence in cueing entries and executing cut-offs 
  • needs beginning information on running rehearsals 


  • has substantial experience rehearsing and conducting a choir 
  • has had previous conducting tuition
  • wants to increase technical skills with entries and cut-offs,
    phrasing, legato, staccato, accent, pauses, dynamics
    and time changes 
  • wants to advance knowledge of music interpretation


  • is willing to audition on the first day to gain a place
    in the advanced group
  • has had much experience rehearsing and conducting
    skilled choirs 
  • has had considerable conducting tuition 
  • is willing to tackle advanced music

Master classes

Led by Andre van der Merwe and Christie Anderson and observed by the whole school, the master classes will provide learning along with the development of conductors in their midst. 

Repertoire for you

In your participant bag there will be complimentary music for you. In sessions you will learn many new works, and the retailers will provide opportunity to browse, purchase and order works for your year’s music making.

The venue

The Music School at Methodist Ladies’ College is an ideal venue for the ACCET Summer School – Melway 45 E8 – with major sessions in James Tatoulis Auditorium and all other sessions within the Music School building.

There is parking in the grounds and underneath the hall.
Tram 16 runs by the school and trams 24, 48 and 109 are within walking distances. Tram 16 connects with the Glenferrie Station.