Australian Choral Conductors Education and Training Inc. (ACCET) was formed 25 years ago at a meeting of representatives of Australian National Choral Association (ANCA Vic.), Australian Society for Music Education (ASME) and Royal School of Church Music (RSCM Australia), to provide choral conductor education on behalf of each of them.

ACCET has delivered this commitment each year; and has on occasion provided other sessions during the year.

The organisation has a Committee, and the members of this Committee are its only members; with those attending activities being valued participants. In this way ACCET fulfils its role as a service to the founding organisations, and to the education and arts community.

ACCET has a statement of purposes, including:

  • to provide choral conductor education at all levels
  • to engage the best personnel, Australian and international, to perform, demonstrate, teach¬†and inspire
  • to encourage choral conductors to develop their own conducting technique
  • to provide education in vocal health and pedagogy
  • to provide information on choral organisation, management and staging
  • to develop the skills of sight-reading, aural perception and languages among conductors and choristers
  • to provide information on choral repertoire, literature and arranging, with a strong focus on Australian choral music
  • to provide awareness and understanding of culture-specific choral music
  • to encourage research into choral and vocal music
  • to develop courses of accreditation

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