Australian Choral Conductor Education and Training Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated arts organisation.

ACCET welcomes donations for its significant national choral conductor education programme. Donations monetary and in-kind are welcome from organisations, trusts and individuals.

Tax deductibility is possible through the ACCET Donations Trust.

ACCET Donations Trust

Financial support can be provided to ACCET for any of the goals in its statement of purposes:

The organisation aims to facilitate conductor education, including the following purposes:

  • to provide choral conductor education at all levels
  • to engage the best personnel, Australian and international, to perform, demonstrate, teach and inspire
  • to encourage choral conductors to develop their own conducting technique
  • to provide education in vocal health and pedagogy
  • to provide information on choral organisation, management and staging
  • to develop the skills of sight-reading, aural perception and languages among conductors and choristers
  • to provide information on choral repertoire, literature and arranging, with a strong focus on Australian choral music
  • to provide awareness and understanding of culture-specific choral music
  • to encourage research into choral and vocal music
  • to develop courses of accreditation

Current financial needs

  • Scholarships for young conductors to attend ACCET courses
  • Support in the establishment of the in-depth ACCET Choral Conductor Certificate, ACCET Choral Conductor Diploma and ¬†ACCET Advanced Choral Conductor Diploma.