Australian composers of choral music

Australian composers of choral music

This is a list in progress. Your contribution is invited.

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There are issues in compiling such a catalogue:

  1. I have sometimes made an arbitrary distinction between a solo song and a choral piece; but sometimes a unison piece is sung by a choir.
  2. Does writing one choral piece constitute a composer of choral music? If not, then how many are an acceptable catalogue? There is no useful answer to this question.
  3. Who may claim to be an Australian composer? One born here? An immigrant? An Australian-born person who lives elsewhere? I have taken the broad view, and all are accepted.
  4. If a person is an arranger of an existing work, does this constitute being a composer? My decision has been in the affirmative – after all Bach used pre-existing music as the basis of composition!
  5. While I have delved into the past via dictionaries and old scores, there is information that will not have come my way. You are welcome to add to, and correct, my attempt!
  6. The dates of birth of some composers are mentioned in historic sources, but not the dates of death, which may have occurred after the publication of the source.

– Faye Dumont

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